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When to Consider a Botox® Touch-up

When to Consider a Botox® Touch-up

Are you considering Botox® for the first time or are you a recent first-timer? You’ve likely heard or read so many things about Botox, so you probably know that this cosmetic treatment doesn’t last forever. 

But how long can you expect your results to last and when should you think about scheduling a touch-up?

Our board-certified dermatologists with Seacoast Dermatology administer Botox for cosmetic and medical purposes. Aside from improving your facial appearance by smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines, Botox can alleviate excessive sweating. 

What can Botox do for me? 

You may be noticing new lines on your face, or you may want to prevent them. Horizontal forehead lines that at first appear faint can turn into grooves that look like railroad tracks as you age. The same can occur with those vertical frown lines between your eyebrows. 

If you’re in your 30s, depending on your genetics, you may have noticed the beginnings of crow’s feet around your eyes. They may develop into thicker indentations in your 40s. 

Botox can improve your facial appearance in three important areas: 

Botox can be preventive 

When Botox first appeared on the market, most users were in their 40s and 50s, treating a problem that already existed. Today, in addition to older adults who turn to Botox, young adults in their 20s and 30s are using Botox as a preventive strategy. 

Doctors and other experts have seen a jump in younger adults making Botox appointments in the past few years. 

Some of the uptick may be attributed to the pandemic and the ubiquity of Zoom meetings. You may have seen yourself up close on Zoom so frequently that you’ve really noticed your facial imperfections. 

When do I need a Botox touch-up? 

It really depends on your individual genetic makeup, how much Botox you get, your age, and the condition of your skin. The effects of Botox generally last up to four months

But if you continue to use Botox rather than use it as a one-off procedure before a big event like a wedding, you’ll need touch-ups less frequently. Regular touch-ups keep your results from fading away.

Is Botox safe? 

Botox has been the subject of research for many years. It’s approved for use in 95 countries, and many articles on its safety and efficacy have appeared in scientific journals. 

For best results and for your own safety, you should choose a highly qualified medical professional to administer Botox injections. 

At Seacoast Dermatology, our board-certified dermatologists have expert knowledge of facial anatomy and can pinpoint exactly where they need to place the injections for the best results. Avoid non-medical venues and Botox “parties” with unqualified personnel. 

To learn more, call us today for an appointment to see what Botox can do for you, or book your visit online. We have locations in Portsmouth, Dover, and Exeter, New Hampshire.

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